36th Enugu International Trade Fair

Objectives of the Trade Fair

The 10 Point Objectives of the Fair:

  1. To intensify efforts towards boosting the capacity and quality of local industries and to align efforts with the current initiative of the Federal government through the Economic Recovery and Growth plan to drive the industrialization of the nation for a progressive economy, through enhanced value addition in the oil and non oil sectors of the economy.

  2. To expose and promote the vast investment and business opportunities in Nigeria.

  3. To facilitate the exchange of technical and commercial information and the expansion of trade transaction in order to enhance the development of the national economy.

  4. To provide the forum for the comparison of local products with foreign ones to achieve qualitative economic development of the nation and for healthy competition.

  5. To create a conducive atmosphere for demonstrating the latest industrial and technological innovations

  6. To expose and promote the Nigerian non-oil exportable commodities, for robust economic growth and development.

  7. To expose and promote foreign investment through the active participation of government and other various economic sectors/stakeholders.

  8. To spotlight and prospect joint venture projects as well as foreign and local investment in strategic sectors of the economy.

  9. To promote scientific research and new technologies for actualization by industrialists and policy makers.

  10. To strengthen the political and economic relations between Nigeria and other nations.