36th Enugu International Trade Fair

International Entitlements

Entitlements to International Exhibitors:

A fair Guide who has been properly trained to ensure that the exhibitor reaches out to prospective buyers and business people.

This Fair Guide to be attached to each International exhibitors will ensure that every single challenge the exhibitor may have is properly addressed.

The Special Day of the International Exhibitor if he so chooses will enjoy the maximum support of the Chamber.

Once we know the line of business of the International Exhibitors, arrangement shall be made for potential distributors or client to meet up with him through scheduled meetings.

The Chamber shall organize visit to Tourist sites in Enugu and within for interested International Exhibitors.

Entitlements to International Visitors:

The Chamber shall organize visit to Tourist sites in Enugu and within for all International Visitors.

As soon as the Chamber knows the areas of interest of international visitors, we shall make arrangements to ensure that our customer/visitors’ relationship department ensures that those areas of interest are satiated.

The beauty of Enugu International Trade Fair puts a melting point where international visitors and exhibitors will meet a very vast market of the Eastern part of Nigeria, ranging from Aba which has the consumer manufacturing market of West Africa to Nnewi which is the hub of the manufacturing electrical trunk/mechanical goods to Onitsha which is the gate way of Commerce in West Africa.

Also, these towns are less than 200km from Enugu, making Enugu a veritable rendezvous for economic activities which the Enugu International Trade Fair represents.